• Testimonies


    The following are testimonies of clients who have experienced healing through their work with Laurie Wallace. Due to confidentiality, clients will remain anonymous.

    Testimony #1

    “It was not so long ago when I found myself at an all time low in my life. I was physically and emotionally drained. I was always angry and desperate to find happiness again. My marriage was suffering, as well as my job performance. I needed help! My marriage needed help! My husband agreed to counseling, if it was with Laurie. During our sessions, Laurie was able to help me see that I had lost my SELF! I thought of myself as “someone’s wife”, or “someone’s employee”. I no longer sought things that I needed or enjoyed. She helped us both look at what we needed as a couple, and what we needed as individuals. With her help and her special skills, we were able to achieve goals, and become much more happy in our relationship, as well as with individual selves. I cannot thank Laurie enough for her professionalism, her uniqueness with her approach, and her genuine concern for her clients.”

    Testimony #2

    “We were pleased and grateful to have had Mrs. Wallace guide our child during challenging times at school. Laurie became our daughter’s confidante and provided her with the right tools to help her deal with difficult social situations. Mrs. Wallace is a wonderful counselor with deep compassion, professional insights, and a zeal to truly help her clients.”

    Testimony #3

    “I met Laurie when I was seeking therapy for my middle school age daughter who was struggling with anxiety. Anxiety and mild depression run in my family. The minute my resistant daughter walked through the door into Laurie’s office, an immediate sense of ease filled the space. Laurie helped my daughter fill her “toolbox” with ways to ease her anxiety in many different situations. We all learned so much and, happily, my daughter successfully made it through middle school, high school and college. I highly recommend the therapeutic services of Laurie Wallace.”