• Services


    Individual Therapy

    One on one therapy sessions for issues with depression, anxiety, transitional life situations, conflict resolution, coping with clinical disorders and many other life trials.

    Couples Therapy

    Therapy for couples, married or not, to work through relationship problems and come out healthier.

    Family Therapy

    Therapy for multiple members of a family to aid in dealing with family conflicts, grief, transitions and any other situational problem.

    Support Groups

    Various support groups are offered, given the need of patients. Support groups require 6 people and cost $25.00 per person. The following support groups are offered:

    • Support Group for eating disorders
    • Support Group for sexual assault victims
    • Support Group for quarantine anxiety
    • Support Group for domestic violence victims

    All group sessions are one hour. Participants will sign a confidentiality form, protecting the privacy of all people in the group.

    Note: Each member of the group must fill out the Group Agreement Form.